Best Camping Places for Couples in Manipur

Are you looking for a getaway from the hustle and stress of the city? Do you want a destination where you can stargaze with your loved one? Are you someone who loves adventure and nature? Look no further than Manipur!

Manipur is one of the most geographically and culturally rich states in India. A camping trip here with your loved one will be a memory that you’ll never forget. You can try out adventure sports like trekking or set a camp amidst the serene hills and forest.

So, here are some of the best camping places for couples in Manipur:

1.     Woods and Earth Retreat

Woods and Earth Retreat is an experience like no other. Surrounded by the hills, forests, waterfalls, and river streams, this place is for campsites, backpackers, and wanderers.

This campsite is located in Waroiching, Bishnupur, which is at a distance of 25 kilometres from Imphal. It can be accessed easily from the main city. In fact, you’ll find many locals from the city flocking here for a peaceful day out.

Woods and Earth Retreat has a serene and tranquil vibe. There are beautifully decorated seating areas along with rooms that you can live in for an extended stay. Moreover, there is a spacious kitchen where you can cook or simply ask the staff to provide meals.

There are also arrangements for setting up barbeques and bonfires. If you are new to camping, the housekeeping will be more than happy to help you with setting up tents.

So, if you want to spend your vacation in the heart of the wilderness, surrounded by waterfalls and hills, head to Woods and Earth Retreat. A little bonus fact about this spot is that you can always hear the melodious chirping of birds here to soothe you.

2.     Sangai Moonlight Campsite

Sangai Moonlight Campsite is an inspiring and unique experience. This campsite was founded by locals from Yangkhullen village in Manipur. They aim to provide livelihood and income opportunities for natives of the region while promoting sustainable tourism.

The campsite describes itself as a low-impact and sustainable venture and showcases local culture to travelers. They offer a range of low-impact, immersive tours that are guided by locals and revolve around trekking.

Their most popular tour is a two-day trekking trip in Yangkhullen village. This beautiful village hugs a steep hill slope and has many unique botanical species. This tour will also give you the chance to immerse yourself in the way of life of the native Zeme tribe here.

The initiative also organizes road trips covering lesser-explored destinations in the region like Ukhrul, Phangrei, Longpi, Tolloi, Hoomi Kachai, Tora Ato, Changtha, Leisan Sanakeithel, and Zalenbung. These road trips include spelunking, village walks, relaxing in fruit orchards, enjoying local dishes, and camping.

The campsite is constructed with environmentally friendly materials such as reed and wood. Moreover, plastic is banned in the camps and no motorboats are used. Instead, traditional wooden canoes are used for transportation.

The camp also has a voluntary plastic waste collection program with the aim to save tourism from plastic waste. So far, the team has collected 200 kilograms of plastic waste and has sent it to a plastic recycling farm in Imphal.

3.     Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay

The Loktak Aquamarine Floating Homestay is perhaps the only floating camping experience that exists. The aim of the campsite is to develop sustainable tourism in the region and promote local culture.

This campsite is located in Moirang village and ‘floats’ over the largest water body in the Northeast. It is at a distance of 52 kilometers from Imphal, which can be traversed via public buses and hired cabs.

The homestay has been constructed in a manner that does not hamper the ecology and ecosystem of Loktak Lake. There are 4 cottages in the floating homestay. They are built entirely using sustainable materials like reed, wood, and hay.

The rooms have neatly arranged beds, traditional stools, chairs, and hammocks. If you wish, you spend the entire experience while camping in tents. There is a common bathroom, verandahs for watching the sunrise and sunset, and a common sitting area.

Throughout your stay, the homestay provides freshly prepared, home-cooked Manipuri meals and offers boat rides on wooden boats over the lake. The best part is that the floating homestay charges 1200 INR per person per day. This includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner, and boating.

4.     Trek & Treat Offbeat Village Experience

Trek & Treat Offbeat Village Experience is a three-day trip that includes camping, immersing yourself in the local culture of Andro Village, trekking to the Khlong Peak, dinner by the fireside, and many other outdoor activities.

This experience is more than just an outdoor activity, it also involves culture and connection with history. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to learn about the history of  Andro village. This village is surrounded by lush green areas and has traditional rural houses and roads.

On the first day, you will be offered a traditional welcome drink called Wayu or Atingba, which is made from rice. Next, you’ll get to taste one of the best brews in India. The local community here awaits your ranking and shouts ‘Hurrah’ if you like their product.

Surrounded by the sound of crickets chirping, frogs croaking, twinkling fireflies, and stars, there is a bonfire hosted at night. Here, you get to drink the locally brewed rice wine ‘yu’ and eat a traditional meal prepared by the live open sky kitchen.

The trek to Khlong Peak features the pristine landscaped hill range covered with tall rainforest canopy trees and full of dense vegetation. After setting up camping tents, there is a barbecue and bonfire arranged at night.

During the trek, you will get to see Panam Ningthou Meibibirol at the summit. This is a shrine housing the sacred fire which has been burning for more than 1200 years. Here, you can also eat fruits, rare herbs, berries, edible flowers, and mushrooms.

All meals are included in the itinerary and are ensured to give you a taste of the local traditions and culture. Throughout this experience, you will get to see breathtaking views and make memories that can be found nowhere else.

5.     25 Degree North Hotel

25 Degree North is located in Ukhrul in Manipur. This hotel has all the facilities for a comfortable stay and is at an ideal location for camping, walking, and hiking in the hills.

Each room is spacious, well-furnished, and features beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and the Shirui Peak. This peak is famous for the Shirui lily that grows only on this hill.

The staff at this stay are a small group of people that are friendly and welcoming. They will be more than happy to help you plan out your stay in Manipur. The on-site restaurant is open throughout the day and has some of the most delicious food that you can find in the region.

Guests are also given free parking, free high-speed WiFi, laundry service, and room service throughout their stay. Transportation to and from the airport is also offered on demand.

So, if you are looking for a comfortable and welcoming spot, 25 Degree North is the right choice for you. You can stay in their cozy rooms and go out for outdoor activities available in nearby areas.

6.     Shalom Farm House

Shalom Farm House is located in the quaint town of Mantripukhri. This spot is situated on a huge farm and is surrounded by picturesque hills. This serene and refreshing location is perfect for an unwinding camping experience.

The farmhouse is owned and operated by a welcoming family. This spot has the best of both worlds – it is located in the heart of nature and is close to major attractions in the city.

The rooms are fully furnished, air-conditioned, and have an attached kitchenette. During your stay, you will have access to free WiFi, free breakfast, free parking, room service, on-site restaurant, bar, and lounge. Airport transportation is also available on demand.

You can also enjoy morning coffee or tea from the room’s balcony and enjoy the view of the hills and its densely populated green trees. The best part – this spot is pet-friendly. So, not only can you enjoy yourself with your loved one, but also bring your furry friend!

7.     Sendra Park & Resort

Sendra Park & Resort is situated on a hilltop and overlooks the Loktak Lake in Manipur. From here, you can have a camping experience with a bird’s eye view of the mountains, the lake, and its floating islands.

There are also large lawns and open areas on the hill and on the resilience where you can set up your camping tents. If you like, you can hike and set up camps in the surrounding wilderness. Additionally, you can lounge in the common seating areas to enjoy the spectacular view.

The resort offers free breakfast and has an on-site Indian and Chinese restaurant. Parking and 24-hour WiFi is free for residents during their stay. Moreover, there will be a caretaker as well as access to room service throughout the day.

8.     Yum And Hills Cottage

Yum and Hills Cottage is the perfect getaway if you want to spend your camping experience in a comfortable and cozy environment. This cottage is located outside the main city of Imphal and has some of the most beautiful views that you can find.

You can set up your camps near the cottage where you will have security as well as privacy. You can spend your time enjoying the marvelous views of the hills from your tents. The view from the cottage’s top floor is something you do not want to miss.

The owners of this spot are extremely welcoming and cooperative. They will also provide you assistance in planning your itinerary throughout your stay in Manipur. Since they know all the best places to visit, you might end up finding recommendations that you would have otherwise missed.

The cottages at this stay are designed like traditional Manipuri houses and their interiors are well furnished to give you a homely feeling. Not only are the rooms spacious, but the entire property has a large area where you can camp and even drive around.

Arrangements for breakfast and other meals are made by the owners. So, if you are looking for a camping trip where you can have beautiful views, comfortable lodgings, and the true experience of being a local, head to Yum and Hills Cottage.

9.     Korou Tours Ukhrul

Korou Tours Ukhrul is an organized tour that sets up campsites in the Ukhrul village of Manipur. If you don’t want to dedicate your entire vacation to camping and outdoor adventures, this 12-14 hour camping tour is the best choice to go for.

The organizers offer many services that will make your camping experience comfortable and easy. Firstly, they will pick you up from your hotel lobby or airport/railway station. Make sure to check whether your hotel is on the list of pickup points that they offer.

Each vehicle in the tour is air-conditioned. You can also opt for using private transportation. You will be provided lunch, bottled water, and snacks. Entry from the camping tour is usually from Shirui Kashung and Hundung Mangva Cave.

Don’t worry if you have never camped before, each group will be accompanied by a guide who will direct your experience. Another perk about the experience is that you are allowed to bring service animals. After the experience is over, you will be taken to the original departure point in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to bond than to spend time relaxing with gorgeous views. From beautiful landscapes, rivers, forests, to camping, adventure sports, rich cultural heritage – Manipur has it all. So, now that you know all the best camping spots in the state, what are you waiting for? Head to Manipur for a trip of a lifetime!