Looking For The Best Places To Enjoy Nightlife In Gangtok? Look No More!

The nightlife in Gangtok is also known for its food and beer. From fine dining to lively places, there are bars and restaurants in all corners of the city. You can also get up close and personal with the locals by chatting with some bartenders and chefs around town, or just relax with a drink on one of their patios.

Many tourists who travel to Gangtok, the capital of Central Tibet, find it hard to enjoy the nightlife there. With few options for enjoying a drink and having fun with friends in the city, travelers often settle for hanging around outside bars and clubs.

So, to help you out, we will discuss how to find the best night life in Gangtok based on personal experience from locals!

1. Cafe Live Loud- Live Music at its Best

Cafe Live Loud is a place where lovers of live music can come to listen to it while they eat and party. The cafe has been around for six months now and has been quite popular with the residents of Gangtok. Music enthusiasts know that each day at this cafe provides a new experience because different musicians play different genres.

The cafe is located in the heart of Gangtok and is a stone’s throw away from the famous Gun-Emperor tea house. Every night, local and international musicians play here and enjoy the hospitality provided by the owners.

The atmosphere at this cafe differs from that of other hangouts where youngsters sing along to popular music with drinks in hand. This cafe offers something unique, a wholesome atmosphere with diverse tastes.

2. Osm Lounge

Gangtok is a beautiful little town in the Himalayas, located to the East of Darjeeling. It is popular for its scenic location and natural beauty, but also well-known for being the “hill station” of Sikkim and one of the most important trade centers in Eastern India.

Osm Lounge is located on Chowrasta road in Gangtok, next to the Lalljee car market. Gangtok Hospital is also nearby. Osm Lounge offers quick Internet sessions and a friendly atmosphere for those that are bored or traveling through this lively city. They serve coffee and tea along with other drinks.

3. Xscape- The Youngistan of Gangtok

In Gangtok, this nightclub has been one of the most popular names among youngsters for a long time. It goes by the name of Xscape. Located in Gangtok, amidst the rolling hills and snow-clad mountains, Xscape is a great place to spend your nights with friends and family from across the country.

Xscape has been a favorite among youngsters’ clubbing destinations and one of the most happening places in Gangtok. It is located at the highest point of Sikkim, just next to Rimbik Lake. It has a huge space, with a capacity of more than 400 people at one time.

The world-class DJs like VINAY GARG and the crowd puller DJ ADITYA have been seen spinning magical tunes here which have thrilled thousands of young souls with their amazing music. The party never stops here and you can dance all night long to enticing music and drinks.

4. Lounge 31a- Ace The Night Party

Lounge 31a – Ace The Night Party in Gangtok hosts big events of international DJs like DJ Adam and more. DJ Adam is an internationally trained expert from London, so he is not a newcomer to the world of music.

Having produced several DJ and remix albums, as well as a string of hit singles, his unique style has earned him a reputation at some of the most exclusive clubs and party destinations in the world including Hollywood’s Miami, Pacha NYC, Roxy LA, and Crobar Miami.

He has also hosted many events, including private parties for David Guetta, P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, and Carreras in New York, amongst others. So, you can catch famous DJs like him in Lounge 31a!

5. Casino Deltin Denzong

Casino Deltin Denzong is a gambling establishment. You can gamble in various ways such as playing some games of blackjack, roulette, and slot machines.

There are many games available at Casino Deltin Denzong. You can simply choose the one you want to play and place your bet by following the instructions provided in front of each game and then waiting for your turn to play it.

6. Club King B

Club King B is one of the most extravagant and luxurious places for nightlife in Gangtok. It has been specially designed to provide a perfect mixture of style, luxury, and entertainment. For its customers, it’s also a place to expect luxury villas with modern amenities, impeccable service, and unmatched hospitality.

The club boasts a world-class discotheque that will surely keep you entertained all night long.

It has two different dance floors each with its own set of music catering to different tastes and moods: house music is played on the hard floor while on the soft floor, house music blended with euro beats is played. You can also find various kinds of live music on the stage.

The club’s interiors are decorated with a blend of South Asian and European styles to create a unique ambiance. The club’s bar areas are designed in the same fashion, blending North and South Asian influences for added charm.

The club has several VIP Rooms, each with its theme, which could include Egyptian, Hollywood, or English country house styles.

7. Infinity Futsal

Infinity Futsal is a unique sport that blends football, basketball, and rugby. As a field sport, it is quite common to see international stars of these three athletic disciplines playing on the same team in the world’s most competitive leagues.

But, the unique aspect of Infinity Futsal – a new sport, which is gaining popularity in the hill town centers of North India, especially in Gangtok – is that it has players who play all three sports successfully.

The locals, as well as the tourists, have been enjoying the Infinity Futsal matches after work and on weekends.

8. Home Ground Sports Bar

Home Ground Sports Bar at Gangtok nightlife party is one of the best places for enjoying evenings with friends. It is located in the heart of Gangtok city and it is one of the most lively places in this town.

The ambiance inside the sports bar is very good and it’s a perfect place for enjoying an evening with your friends. You can enjoy tasty drinks and delicious snacks from different cuisines like pizza, fried chicken, burgers, sandwiches, etc.

Inside Home Ground, you will find video games for children. Also, there are many sports channels on TV to watch live games. The staff is very friendly and provides excellent services to enjoy your evenings with them. You can spend long evenings with your friends over there.

9. Pub 25

The 25th anniversary of Gangtok was celebrated at Pub 25. It was a night to remember, with DJs from around the world performing and people dancing until the early hours of the morning.

The party reflected what pub life is all about: community and family. Every drink you ordered or dance you took part in went towards filling the barrel of a giant jester’s hat. It was hoisted up by all present to ensure that everyone had their share of luck for 2018.

A long time ago, in an establishment far away, Pub 25 opened its doors on Christmas night in 1991 to offer a respite from celebrations and festivities downtown. More than 25 years later, it has become a well-known destination for travelers and locals alike!

10. Casino Deltin Denzong

Casino Deltin Denzong is a nightlife party in Gangtok, Sikkim, India. The event is typically held at a casino and includes games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

The event starts with an open bar from 8:30 pm-10:30 pm and anyone wishing to enter should buy tickets for the opening session on the top floor of Casino Deltin Denzong.

Note that the casino is open from 8 am-5 am every day except Sundays when it closes at 6 am. There are two sessions at the party, one is held from 10 pm-12:30 am and the other is a special session which usually takes place on Fridays and Saturdays.

There are two dance floors, a big one in the middle of the casino floor and another one upstairs.

The casino has a pool table and many slot machines such as X-factor and Lucky Seven. The entrance fee for men is INR 1000, and women get to enter for free under certain terms and conditions.

Other Things to Do in Gangtok

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Apart from enjoying the nightlife, there are a few other things that you can do in Gangtok. These include activities like:

River Rafting

Many people who come to Gangtok on holiday or to see the Himalayan mountain range while in India, often look forward to the opportunity to go rafting on the Teesta River.

This is possible only during the day when it is not too cold, but many travelers search for options during their stay at night. Several places offer rafting during these hours and some more luxurious experiences like dinners with live music and light snacks.

It is possible for someone who is not so much into an adventure to go on a trip like this just for fun, enjoying the quiet ride in a calm river with some rapids too. The music played along with the river also added to the fun of floating down on a tube as people spent their time laughing and chatting.


All those looking for trekking tours in Gangtok should plan their trip knowing about the best places where they can trek.

One of the best places to go for this kind of experience is OPC’s Lotus Lake Trek which offers many memorable moments with your family or friends, including jungles, rivers, picturesque mountains, and lush green forests. Not just that, but you also get to see animals like rhinos.

Picnic At The Seven Sisters Waterfalls

If you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of life, you need to head up North. The Sikkim Himalayas offer amazing places for picnics and adventures in the remote corners of India and Nepal. A popular destination is a picnic at Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Gangtok, Sikkim with its spectacular mountain view, river rapids, and cascades.

These waterfalls are accessible by a trek from the town of Gangtok. The hike is not too difficult – it takes about 3 hours to reach these waterfalls. The walk goes through tea plantations along the way.

When you finally reach the viewpoint overlooking these majestic falls you are greeted with an amazing panorama of mother nature in her most spectacular glory.

Cable Car Ride

The cable car ride up to Gangtok, India’s last town before the Tibetan border, is one of the best ways to see the beauty of this place. Not just because it’s so scenic, but also because it offers a chance to get in touch with nature and experience something significant.

This ride will take you up onto the plateau where you can witness the spectacular Himalayan peaks that seem to go on forever. It’ll give your brain a break from all your technology and data overload too! The best part is that there are no crowds at all – it’s perfect for groups or families traveling together.

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Final Thoughts

The nightlife in Gangtok is mainly focused on pubs and bars. The venues are few and it is difficult to get a table at later hours of the night. However, once you do, you will definitely be promised a fun-filled and exciting night!