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I write about Exploring and Travelling to Himalayas. My goal is to share all that I know so you can explore Himalayas and increase your knowledge of Himalayas more efficiently.

The advice I’ll share with you will be the equivalent of adding jet engine to your Travel Plan.

I don’t publish content very often. But post that I publish will be worth reading.

A bit about me

I’m a blogger that specializes in SEO, content strategy and list building. Blogging is what I’m best known for.

I come from the India, currently settled in the foothills of Himalayas and have a passion for Travelling.

My journey

I started building lots of websites; none of them got off the ground but damn, it was fun! I probably took on more than I could chew when I tried to build a full Video on Demand website.

After years working a normal full-time Job, I got the idea to start a record label.

It was a crazy idea; thinking that I could create my own profitable record label with no experience but I went with it and out of it worked our pretty decent.

The business idea failed the vision but, I made some headway and went on to surpass more than million streams on our releases. This taught me what was possible to achieve from the chair in my living room.

I went on to launch a few more sites while working a full-time job.

The experience of growing my own websites helped me get a job at a small local marketing agency.

We achieved incredible results even with a VERY small marketing budget.

While working at the agency I launched my blogs and grew them to the point where I could afford to leave my job.

Across the various properties I own (and contribute to), my content helps millions of people each year.

I get results writing useful and informative content.

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You can reach me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Or you can drop me an email via my contact page.