Best Camping Places for Couples in Nagaland

Nagaland is the perfect camping destination – it has a range of geographical features, beautiful views, vibrant culture and history, and many exciting outdoor activities. Here, you will see some of the most unique and breathtaking sights in the world.

Moreover, the locals in Nagaland will give you a warm welcome and accommodation like no other place. So, if you are looking for a destination for your next camping trip with your partner, the search is over. Head to Nagaland for an experience you’ll never forget!

We have compiled a list of the best camping places for couples in Nagaland.

1. Campsite Yedik Ha

Campsite Yedikha is similar to the terrace farms of Nagaland due to its three-level settings for camps. Here, you will feel as though you are right in the heart of nature. Plus, you will get to participate in exciting outdoor sports with your partner!

The first one has a parking space, the entire kitchen area and some of the tents where you can stay. The majority of tents are on the second level, which also has a bonfire area. Here, you can interact with other campers and backpackers.

The third layer offers a breathtaking view of the beautiful paddy fields of the nearby Jakhama village and the mountain ranges. The entire campsite has a natural boundary of oak trees along with colorful flowers.

Imagine how wonderful it must feel to spend your time at this campsite. You will have a view of the mountains, the fields, the nearby village, and the colorful and woody vegetation.

You can also take nature walks, treks, and hikes to the nearby areas to see this beauty up close. This campsite serves as the starting point to the treks in the gorgeous Dzukou valley. Feel free to join the trekkers for an exciting journey towards the peak.

The campsite is only 5.4 km away from Kisama village, where you can experience the annual Hornbill festival. You can also explore the village if you are interested in knowing more about the local way of life, customs and history.

Throughout your stay, you will have access to free parking, free breakfast, and the on-site restaurant. There’s more – this campsite is pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend along too!

2. Kapamodzü Peak

Located in the Zhavame Village, Kapamodzü Peak is the 4th highest peak in Nagaland. A camping tour encompassing nearby tourist destinations is offered by Nagaland Tourism.

If you want a short camping experience that will cover all major sights and destinations in the Phek district, Kapamodzü Peak is the right place for you. The tour begins with a drive to Zhavame Village after a hearty, traditional breakfast.

On the way, there will be a stop at Glory Peak, near Pfutsero village. This spot is famous for its magnificent view of the surrounding landscape and mountains, including Mount Everest. The peak of this hill is a flat plateau, which has a treehouse from where you can see Mount Everest and Mount Saramati.

After you reach the destination, you will be staying at a homestay or tourist resort. Lunch, evening snacks and dinner will be provided. There will also be evening entertainment with the locals, where you can get a glimpse of their culture and way of life. You can set up camps overnight to relax under the stars and the scenic beauty.

After breakfast on the next day, there will be a hike to Kapamodzu Peak. Get your tents along, because you’ll also be camping on the peak. You will be surrounded by plants that are centuries old, including trumpet flowers, roses, ferns, holly, orchids, canes, etc.

From here, you will have a magnificent view of the entire Saramati mountain range in the east, Japfü peak in the south, as well as villages of both Nagaland and Manipur. A camping experience here is unmatched by any other spot.

The next day, the tour will proceed to Kohima. After a hearty breakfast and goodbyes, you will be free to continue your forward journey in this beautiful state.

3. Dzulekie Village

Dzulekie is a quaint village located close to the Kohima district. Your camping experience here will be unparalleled – you will get to see unique natural phenomena, scenic beauty, interact with the locals, and participate in exciting adventures.

Dzulekie is the best place for those who want to be in touch with nature and experience the rural traditions and way of life. The terrain of this village is relatively unexplored. There are quaint houses and stone walkways spread across the village.

There is also a small population of the Angamis tribe who welcome visitors with open arms. The village is small enough for you to walk around and see the local way of life and traditions up close. Moreover, you will also get to see nature in its pristine form.

While exploring the village, you can witness the making of traditional bamboo and cane baskets, cloth weaving, traditional games, and the local cuisine. The evergreen forest is the perfect place for bird and butterfly watching, nature walks, trekking, and picnics.

One of the most unique spots in the village is the trout breeding center. You can set up your camping tents and picnics next to the river and see some rare snow trout. You can also opt to go on guided nature walks to the terraced paddy fields for picturesque views and to gain knowledge of agro farming practices.

4. Naga Legendary Tour

If you’re specifically looking for various camping places, then the Naga Legendary Tour is a week-long tour offered by Nagaland Tourism. It covers some of the most popular camping destinations in the state, including Dimapur, Kohima, Khonoma, Khezhakeno, Dzuleke, and Phüsachodu.

Throughout this experience, you will get to participate in exciting outdoor sports including camping, and get immersed in the local traditions, culture, and history. The tour will begin as soon as you land at the Dimapur airport.

The tour’s representatives will assist you at the airport. You will be traveling to Kohima village, which will take 3 hours. On the way, there will be stops at the local bazaar where you can shop for local handicrafts and have tea and snacks.

To prepare you for all that this experience has to offer, the rest of the day will be for you to relax. Your overnight stay will be at a hotel or a tourist resort, but you can set up camps and bonfires to get a taste of the adventurous spirit.

 All meals, including evening snacks, will be provided to you throughout the tour. After breakfast the next day, you will be visiting the World War II memorial. This was the last point where the Japanese forces were stopped.

Throughout the day, you will get to see some of the most popular tourist spots in Kohima, including the State Museum, the local market, the Cathedral, and more. The tour will then proceed to Khezhakeno village after breakfast the next day.

The day will begin with a heritage walk where you will see stones that are believed to possess magical power, monoliths, and traditional houses. Then, a picnic lunch will be hosted at Cheda Lake. You can enjoy a delicious, traditional meal next to the lake while listening to the sound of the birds and admiring the natural beauty.

Then, you get to talk to the elders and leaders of the village to know their stories and the local history. The next day will begin with a drive to Phusachodu after breakfast. 

On the way, you will get to visit the Kade Park at Kami Village, and Pfutsero Town, which is known for its vegetable and fruit products. Then, you will get to see the beautiful views from Glory Peak after finally heading to Phusachodu village.

Next, the tour will proceed to Khonoma village. On the way there, there will be a stop at Jotsoma village where you can learn the history of the Kohima war. The rest of the day will have outdoor activities like setting up camos and walking in the terrace field.

The next day will start with a nature walk after breakfast.  Here, you will see herbal plants, alder-based cultivation, and the surrounding mountain ranges. There will be a drive to Dzuleke village where you get to see the majestic state animal Mithun.

Needless to say, you can set up camps overnight at any of these spots. Additionally, the mountain tops or the lakeside destinations are great spots to set up your camps. On the last day, you will be assisted to the Dimapur airport for your onward journey.

5. Hornbill Festival Package

Hornbill Festival Package is a truly unique experience wherein you will get to see the nature, culture, history, and spirit of Nagaland like no other place.

You will be assisted by a tour representative as soon as you land at the Dimapur Airport. From here, there will be a short journey to Kohima village, where the real adventure lies. On your way, there will be stops at local markets where you can purchase indigenous handicrafts, vegetables, fruits, and more.

You can spend the rest of the evening relaxing after your journey. After an overnight stay at the tourist lounge, the next day will begin after a list to the local markets and World War II cemetery at Kohima village.

The rest of your day will be spent at the Hornbill Festival. You will be surrounded by songs and dances, and people wearing colorful attires. There are many shops where you can buy souvenirs to remember this exciting experience forever.

Your lunch will also be at the festival, where you will get to taste a variety of dishes from the local cuisine. Afterward, there will be a visit to the Phesama village. You can enjoy the beautiful scenic beauty here, set up camps and picnics, and interact with the locals.

Then, you will travel back to Kohima village. Throughout the stay, each meal will be provided to you, so you can have a taste of the delicious Nagaland cuisine. You can spend your nights setting up camps near your stay.

There is nothing more serene than being with your partner under the twinkling stars and the mountains. The next morning will entail exploring the Kigwema village to give you a glimpse of the village life. The rest of your day will be at the Hornbill Festival.

At night, you will get to experience the night carnival at Kohima village. Here, you can get a further taste of the rich culture, history, and traditions of Nagaland. There is a range of stalls here that sell different items from Christmas decorations to BBQs.

Many locals also visit the night carnival to have an outing with their friends and family, as well as to enjoy some delicious meals. You will find that the entire street will be full of visitors.

The next day, you will drive to Khonoma village, which is the first Green Village in the country. This village has declared 27 sq kilometers of its territory as “Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary” (KNCTS). You can see nature and its most pristine form, along with the locals that live and preserve the local history here.

After heading back to your stay at night, you can enjoy some delicious dinner next to your camps and the bonfire. The next entire day will be spent at the Hornbill festival until the closing ceremony where you can see fireworks and the war cry.

Finally, you can head back to Dimapur Airport after breakfast the next day. After a week full of exciting memories, you can continue with your further journey.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing more exciting than a camping trip – beautiful views, the clear sky, bonfires, hikes, treks, boating, and delicious meals. We hope that after reading this article, you are as pumped out camping in Nagaland as we are. All you need to do is pack your bags and head out to Nagaland with your loved one because we’ve got you covered when it comes to the best camping spots and tours!