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Best Sleeping Bag For Summer Camping

Summer camping may sound like an odd activity, but it actually can be a great experience for those who have never tried it before. Though most campers like to avoid it due to the rise of mosquitoes, camping during the summers can bring forth a chance to do fun activities like rock climbing, visiting river bodies, and rafting.

One problem that a lot of people face during summer is the lack of a perfect sleeping bag for the season. The cocoon-like shape of a sleeping bag is designed the way it is and built for colder temperatures.

However, with the help of modern science and design, you can find the best sleeping bag for summer camping right away!

Best Sleeping Bag For Summer Camping

Looking through online catalogs can be a pain, as most options available are built for the cold and can cause itchiness or sweat when you get into them. Hence, it is necessary that the bag you choose has light stuffing, breathable material, and easy zipping.

To make your work much simpler, we have prepared the following listicle of the best sleeping bags for summer camping that can be found online.

1. REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

This bag is a polyester-crafted camping bed that is made especially for camping during warm weather. Due to its breathable and light components, it is perfect for taking on camping and hiking in summer and spring. The spacious, rectangular design can fit an adult of up to 6 feet.

Polyester is not just a lithe filling, but it can also endure long years of rigorous use on all kinds of surfaces. The ideal temperature for using this bed would be around 68°F/20°C, going down to 15 – 25°C. Not only will it keep you sweat-free, but the cold material is perfect for just sliding into after a long hike.

The sleeping bag opens at both ends and the zippers go two ways for easy attachment of both parts. You can also use one end of the bag as a blanket during nights that get a bit too cold. The winning point of this comfortable, portable bag by REDCAMP is that it is affordable at a minimum budget for camping tools.

Pros: Variety of options, colors, and sizes

Cons: Can only be used during summer and spring

2. REDCAMP Outdoors Sleeping Bag

This bag is a large-sized, envelope-shaped sleeping bag that is made for warmer weather – particularly spring and summer. This cozy sleeping bag can fit an adult sized up to 6 feet, and the polyester covering, along with 2lbs of cotton filling will last you for years.

The 20T Polyester is waterproof, so you will not even feel a hint of dampness when laying inside. The ideal temperature to use this bag is around 41-68°F/5-20 °C as the hollow cotton fiber filling assures you max comfort on even the hardest gravel. Even if it were to tear, REDCAMP gives a year warranty in case of dissatisfaction with its item.

It closes in a 2-way zipper manner, which is useful for when you need an extra mattress or an extra quilt. Despite so many features, the sleeping bag comes in a handy sack that can be compressed easily, and there is an additional pocket inside to store camping materials.

Pros: 365-day warranty, value for money, variety of options

Cons: Not ideal for females

3. Oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag – 3 Season Warm & Cool Weather

This camping sleeping bag by Oaskys is a warm and cool weather bed, perfect for 3 seasons (on the warmer side). The ideal temperature for using this bag by Oaskys is around 10-20 C, so it is perfect for camping during summer nights. The nylon fabric is stitched into a weather-resisting design that prevents both sweat and dampness.

Oaskys used the special double-filling technology that lets this bed be at the ideal temperature to slip into after a long day of adventure activities. The shape is a rectangular one with a circled top and a separate zip to let your feet breathe at the bottom.

This sleeping bag is built to last, as the outer covering is the durable 210T anti-tear polyester and the lining is 190T polyester pongee. Extremely easy to carry and suitable to carry on long journeys, this bag comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes for everyone – all at a very affordable price.

Pros: Variety of options, durable and practical design

Cons: Not exactly machine washable

4. Sleeping Bag Anngrowy Camping Sleeping Bags

Anngrowy is a popular brand that manufactures practical and modern camping tools for the best outdoor experiences. This sleeping bag by the company is a 4-season, waterproof sleeping bag that is designed for the convenience of the user – whether it is mountain climbing, trekking, or hiking.

The ideal temperature range for use of this sleeping bag is 59℉-77℉, and the anti-damp softness is achieved through double-filling technology. The fabric used to create this sleeping bag is anti-tear polyester, so that it never wears out, no matter the years of use.

Hollow cotton fiber has been used to make the cover of this sleeping bag so that there is no chance of allergy or infection on the skin. Anngrowy sleeping bag can be washed easily in the machine and has a sturdy design that will assure you of a comfortable bed to retire to after a long day of outdoor activities.

Pros: 1-year free warranty, machine washable

Cons: Is more of a 3-season sleeping bag

5. BESTEAM Ultra-Light Warm Weather Envelope Sleeping Bag

This ultra-light warm weather sleeping bag by BESTEAM is an envelope-style camping bed made out of nylon lining and sturdy imitation silk cotton filling. A beneficial feature of rectangular-shaped sleeping bags is that they can be spread out to make a mattress-like surface or provide a blanket for colder days.

The ideal temperature rating of this BESTEAM sleeping bag is around 16°C – 30°C, so it is flexible for spring, summer, and autumn. It has the capacity to keep you cool in weather conditions that go above 59°C. So if you plan on going on a summer camping adventure, this should be the bag to go for as the nights are hot and easily damp.

The covering is polyester pongee, which is easy on the skin and will not react and give you any allergies. It also allows for water to just slide off its surface, making maintenance easier and outdoor activities like river rafting and camping possible.

Weighing the minimum but doing the most for campers, the BESTEAM sleeping bag also has a lot of options to choose from and is the ideal camping bed for everyone.

Pros: Variety of options, durable material

Cons: Can be narrow for taller people (according to reviews)

6. SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag 3 Seasons

SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag for 3 seasons is a dome-shaped camping bed designed to be fit for camping in summer, autumn, and spring. Made waterproof and resistant to weather with its 190T polyester lining and double-fill technology, this bed is made to keep dampness away and provide you with a good night’s rest on hot summer nights. 

While this bag may be made to help you survive warm climates, it is also tough against the cold and can keep you comfortable in temperatures up to 5-25℃. The easy-to-fold and carry design makes it perfect for emergencies and tough trekking areas. So if you plan on doing a lot of activities, this will be the bag for you.

A lot of sleeping bags are difficult to clean due to their shape and size, but that is not the case with SWTMERRY Sleeping Bag as you can easily wash it in a machine. Along with its spacious design, the bed unzips at the bottom so your feet are able to breathe during the night.

If you have kids who come along on your adventures, they will have a lot of fun picking from the wide variety of color options that SWTMERRY provides. There is a style for every kind of personality – compact in the nylon cover and hollow fiber design.

Pros: Variety of colors, breathable material, value for money

Cons: Not designed for extreme weather conditions

7. ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping bag is a compact and lightweight camping bed made with 100% Polyester to provide you with comfort on all kinds of camping trips for years to come. The outer layer is made of nylon, which is a skin-friendly and waterproof material.

Not only will it be easy to clean, but it will also keep away the chance of infection or dampness that can cause sickness. Nylon is also hard to tear, so the sleeping bag can endure rough weather conditions as well. Though the ideal temperature rating is 55 to 60℉, premium polyester is made to adjust to either kind of weather condition.

The sleeping bag opens up in a rectangular shape and is big enough to accommodate a tall adult or two children. Despite this, the envelope folding design makes it easy to compress and fit in with the rest of your luggage. Those who find packing  troublesome will see that ECOOPRO Sleeping Bag fits easily anywhere.

The two-piece sleeping bag can also be detached to form a mattress and a quilt for times when it gets colder, so this camping bed is probably all you will need for an outdoor experience.

Pros: Variety of options, practical design, large but lightweight

Cons: Complicated folding (according to reviews)

8. Marmot Voyager 55 Mummy Sleeping Bag

Marmot Voyager 55 is a mummy-styled sleeping bag designed to be carried during rigorous outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, boy scouts camping, and mountain climbing. The cocoon-shaped camping bed comes in two sizes – long and regular, which acts as a warmth retainer and a cold sanctuary during spring, summer, or fall.

The special feature of this sleeping bag is its SpiraFil high-loft insulation which works well in all kinds of weather to keep you dry and comfortable. The polyester lining also prevents moisture in all types of conditions and is a practical material for rough conditions outdoors.

Pros: Sturdy quality, practical design, and durable material

Cons: More in the expensive range

9. Coolzon Lightweight Backpacking Sleeping Bag for Adults

Coolzon Backpacking Sleeping bag is a camping bed for adults made using the most advanced materials. The outside is pure 100% polyester so that it does not tear easily and can stand through years of vigorous use. It protects the inner hollow cotton filling, which makes sure the bed remains lightweight and soft to rest on. 

The spacious sleeping bag is easy to get in and acts as a plush surface to lay down on while giving enough room to move around. A feature typical of Coolzon company is the amount of extra space they give in their sleeping bags. Even this sleeping bag is made with a lot of extra space to carry other camping tools you may require.

Despite all the extra space, the bed easily folds into a compressed, round shape so that is easy to carry around in a bag, and made light enough for even children to be able to carry them. However, since it is a large shaped bed, it is more recommendable to teenagers and adults.

Coolzon has designed this sleeping bag to be snug and breathable, so they even give out a satisfaction guarantee with all their products. Hence, if you find that this sleeping bag does not live up to your expectations, you can return it for a full refund without any questions.

Pros: Reliable customer service, value-for-money, large-sized and lightweight

Cons: Machine wash not recommended

10. MalloMe Camping Sleeping Bags for Adults

MalloMe Camping sleeping bag is an all-weather camping bed ideal for temperatures ranging from 40°F to 77°F. Hence, it is built to keep you comfortable in all kinds of conditions – sometimes even in extreme temperatures. This is unique in its price range as no other sleeping bag is as value for money as MalloMe is.

The sleeping bag has a practical design – an outer double layer of waterproof polyester that acts as protection for its artificial fiber filling inside. It has also been stitched in the S-shape stitch style, so you will find that this camping bed will be very hard to tear.

There are a lot of color options to choose from, and you can even choose brighter shades as MalloMe sleeping bags are easy to clean with their waterproof outer layer. Dirt and waterdrops will just slide away, but the bed is also built safe for machine washes, so it is low maintenance despite its durability.

When the weather gets a bit chilly, you also have two drawstrings at the top of the bag to pull close for extra protection. The practical design hence has you covered for a good sleeping spot no matter what time of the year.

Pros: Value-for-money, easy to compress

Cons: No toxic flame retardants

Final Thoughts

Sleeping bags are not the dreamiest place to be during a warm summer night, but all of the recommended options in our listicle will make this experience much better for you. We hope that this article has helped you pick the best sleeping bag for summer camping this year and it brings you absolute comfort during the hot season.