Best Camping Places for Couples in Assam

North East India is a magical place full of beautiful sites, mountains, and lakes. You can forget the hectic life and schedule that has consumed so much of your life in this part of India. 

Filled with an abundance of flora and fauna, Assam is a part of the seven sisters of India. It is rich in tourism, festivals, culture, cuisine, and art. Assam is also home to some great sanctuaries, national parks, and hikes that you should explore.

So if you’re looking for a perfect getaway in this beautiful land with your loved one, then we have a list of camping spaces for you to enjoy your stay at. Let’s get started!

1.     Chanaka Eco Camp, Pobitora

Chanaka eco-camp is one of the finest camps in Assam. It has a good rating overall in terms of the food and rooms available. The staff is hospitable and will make your stay feel like home.

The location is wonderful as it faces the river where you can go anytime to enjoy. The camp is located in the Pakariamukh which is 40 km from Guwahati so it’s almost an hour’s travel from the main city.

If you have come here with an adventurous spirit then you should definitely go for bike tours, off-site hiking, and fishing which the manager can arrange for you.

Apart from this, there is also a playground where you can enjoy yourself with other people and play volleyball. At night, you can be under the blanket of stars and enjoy the bonfire.

The food here is good and homely but you’ll get only Indian food. If you are in the mood to explore more then you can visit the nearby Nature’s Hub, Kitchen Dhaba, and Dolphin Family Restaurant which are all within 10 km range.

Additionally, there is a Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary where you can observe the flora and fauna of the region. The Dolphin Viewing Point is also a great place for aquatic life enthusiasts.

You can reach this place in a cab. The nearest railway station is Guwahati Railway Station and the nearest airport is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati.

2.     Florican Cottage, Manas National Park

Florican Cottage is a beautiful place to spend with your loved one. Located in the Manas National Park in Gobardhana, it is 140 km away from the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. This is almost 3 hours drive so you should definitely explore the diversity of the national park.

Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it includes varied forms of endangered wildlife such as the pygmy hog. Also, you can have an extraordinary time while observing the 450 species of birds including the Bengal florican.

Florican Cottage gets its name from this very bird. The cottage is beautiful with a variety of rooms and if you are a couple looking for a private room, then the Deluxe room is the one for you. You will also get a complimentary breakfast which is delicious. You can even get the unique local food of that place.

In addition to this, there is a river nearby which comes from the Himalayas and you can even enjoy it and click pictures.

Your stay in the cottage will never be a dull moment as they provide a lot of exciting experiences to you. Jungle Safari, Elephant Ride, River Rafting, and Cultural dance are just some of the activities that you can experience at this place.

Additionally, they have a site where all the tariff is mentioned, then you can book the room and activities through that and you can have an amazing time.

People fall in love with the scenic location and overall the food, and amenities are great here.

3.     Nameri Eco Camp, Potasali

If you’re interested in visiting the rich flora and fauna of the Nameri National Park, then you should definitely stay at the Nameri eco-camp. There is a Bura-Chapori Wildlife sanctuary nearby too that you can visit.

Although this place is nearly 200 km from Guwahati, it is always good to explore the far-off areas too because that is where the real beauty lies. This place is situated near the banks of the Jia Bhoreli river so when you wake up in the morning, a wonderful view of the river will greet you.

Assam Bhoreli Angling and Conservation Association manages the entire camp. The camp itself is very beautiful and you can enjoy several activities available here. You can visit the Golden Mahseer Conservation and Breeding Centre which is located in the camp itself.

Just 25 km away from the camp is the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh border that is a major tourist attraction point.

If you are a couple who likes to go on different treks then this camp can also arrange for that. The Nameri National Park trek is almost 5 km long and the trail is beautiful with huge trees and leaf-laden paths.

River rafting is another activity that the camp organizes. If you want to share the boat with other people, then you can take the bigger boat otherwise a two-person boat is available specifically for couples.

They have an in-house restaurant and the staff is extremely cordial in their service. You’ll get two single bedrooms in one room and there is a verandah in front of the tent house where you can spend quality time. The chairs are also provided if you want to bask in the sun.

The nearest airport is Tezpur which is 35 km away from the camp. The camp also provides transportation in case you want to travel somewhere. You can contact the camp through their site.

4.     Chandubi Jungle Camp, Barduar Tea Garden

Chandubi Jungle Camp is the place to visit if you want to observe the planetary positions and constellations. The place is removed from the concrete space and offers you a stay in the traditional Assamese Chang Ghar (Stealth House).

Additionally, there are mud house cottages with thatched roofs that are cozy and warm. You can also get accommodation in the tents but they are available only between October to April since there is no monsoon season at that time.

You can check the tariff of different rooms on their site and book in advance. If you also want to bring a pet then this place is pet friendly too,

If you are an adventurous couple, then you will love the hikes to the nearby Joramukhuria Forest Village. They also provide a boat ride across Chandubi Lake which is a highlight of the trip.

In the evening, you can watch the sunset across the lake and see different shades of colors in the sky. It is a beautiful sight! When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you’ll observe is the lake and no morning can ever be more perfect than that.

Moreover, the people there are very particular about their culture, so you can also witness a cultural dance in the evening. The local food will also be available if you want to try that, which we recommend.

If you visit in the winter season, then you can also catch a glimpse of the migratory birds at the camp and the lake alongside. In addition to this, you can also visit the Tea Gardens nearby the camps and click some great pictures with your loved ones.

The lake is particularly of great interest since it was formed after an earthquake. This place used to be a forest earlier but because of the earthquake, an entire lake got formed there.

The Chandubi Jungle Camp is hardly 60 km away from Guwahati and just 37 km away from the Guwahati airport.

5.     Kaziranga Eco Camp

If you ever visit Assam and have never gone to the Kaziranga National Park then the trip will always remain incomplete. Home to the one-horned rhinoceros and also declared as the Tiger Reserve in 2006, this place is a must-visit for safari.

You can go for a jeep safari to surf through the area. The best thing to do would be to wake up early in the morning and go for an elephant safari with your loved one. The site is beautiful in the morning and there are fewer people too which makes the experience all the more worthwhile.

Kaziranga Eco Camp is situated just 4 km away from the UNESCO declared a national park. It is near the orchid gardens where you can spend some time amidst the orchids.

This biodiversity park is another attraction point for tourists. Along with that, you can click some good pictures as the place is very picturesque.

The camp is beautiful with its thatched roofs which give a rustic ambiance. Along with this, the rooms are equipped with a wardrobe and a personal balcony as well. The rooms are nice and the guests particularly admire the linen since it is fresh.

Additionally, they have an in-house cafe where you can get local, Indian, and Chinese food. There are a lot of good restaurants nearby if you want to explore that. The camp also has a barbeque set up if you want some freshly charred chicken.

Moreover, the manager can arrange for a tour around the place such as safari, off-site hiking, and bike tours.  You can also play outdoor activities in the evening as there is a badminton court available.

The nearest airport is the Jorhat Airport which is 75 km away. You can check the tariff on their site related to the rooms and safari.

6.     Zizina Resort, Mayang

Zizina Resort is located in the Mayang, Morigaon region in Assam and if you are a couple who loves a retreat and history, then this is the place for you. This is a popular tourist destination for history buffs and adventure enthusiasts.

This is a mystical town with remnants all over the place. It is also known for black magic and sorcery that was heavily practiced in earlier times. Apart from this, you will find a lot of temples here which are a favorite among the tourists.

Coming to the Zizina Resort, this place will give you a comfortable environment with all the amenities available. You will get a complimentary breakfast and along with a cup of tea or coffee to kickstart your day.

Additionally, you will stay in swiss tents which are extremely comfortable and warm, so you can visit in the winter season as well. This is a luxury camp as it also provides an air conditioner during scorching summer days.

A cupboard, heater, air conditioner, and a TV are available in the rooms. So after a tiring day, you can sit back, relax, and watch TV. You also have your personal balcony where you admire the sunsets and sunrise.

There is an in-house restaurant with a variety of dishes available on the menu. The service is available round the clock and the staff is very cordial.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is just 4 km from this camp, so you can also spend a day there. The resort has jeeps to make the travel for the guests easier. They can arrange for an elephant safari or jeep safari through the sanctuary.

Further, they provide transportation to the airport too. Since they have a variety of rooms in the resort, the prices differ but overall the place is a bit expensive. You can check their site for further tariff details. Moreover, they don’t host unmarried couples which is a drawback.

The nearest railway station is Jagi Road Railway station and the nearest airport is the Guwahati airport.

Final Thoughts

Assam is one of the most beautiful states in India and it has become a favorite tourist destination. Its serene and calm environment attracts couples and families alike. And if you are ever into adventure, safari, or hiking, then this place has everything to offer to you. Moreover, camping is growing in demand because people want to feel more connected to nature. Plus it gives you a different feeling than staying in a concrete luxurious hotel.