13 Places For Destination Wedding In Himalayan Mountains, India

Weddings are a majestic occasion for most couples today. From the outfits to the venue, couples are looking for only the best stuff when it comes to their wedding celebration. Today, the trend of destination weddings has become popular. 

Now, for most people, the best destination wedding places in India consist of either Goa or Rajasthan. But, did you know that the Himalayan Mountains offer the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding?

The best places for a destination wedding in the Himalayan Mountains include – Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Dalhousie, Shimla, Gulmarg, Bhimtal, Nainital, Manali, Pahalgam, Kasol, Srinagar, and Gangtok.

With the majestic snow-capped mountains and lush-green scenery to the crisp and fresh air, these places offer everything you would want in your wedding venue. 

So, in this guide, we will explore these 13 places and why they’re suitable for a Himalayan destination wedding. Read on to find out more!

1.     Mussoorie

Best Season: April-June

Nestled between the Himalayas and located 2000 meters above sea level, Mussoorie is the most ideal place for destination weddings in the Himalayas.

Mussoorie has several things to offer for destination weddings. First, the magnificent views of the mountains can serve as the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Moreover, it is quite accessible and easy to reach, unlike many other Himalayan places.

But, the best thing about Mussoorie is that there are several grand hotels and resorts here. These would surely keep your guests comfortable and offer a breathtaking and royal wedding experience amidst the hills!

Best Hotels:

  • JW Marriott Mussoorie Walnut Grove Resort & Spa
  • Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, The Savoy, Mussoorie
  • Royal Orchid Fort Resort

How To Reach:

There are three ways to reach Mussoorie – by air, train, or even road. The nearest airport is Jollygrant Airport which is just around 58 kilometers away from Mussoorie.

2.     Rishikesh

Best Season: February to May or September-December

Even though Rishikesh is located quite close to Mussoorie, it offers two excellent things for your destination wedding. Along with the lovely Himalayan mountains adorning this city, the river Ganga also makes this holy town exceptionally beautiful.

Moreover, if you love the traditional Hindu culture, then Rishikesh is the place for you, as there are many gorgeous temples here. These would certainly add up to the auspiciousness of your occasion too!

Best Hotels:

  • The Roseate Ganges
  • Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort
  • Taj Rishikesh Resort & Spa

How To Reach:

You can reach Rishikesh by air, bus, or road. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant airport, 35 kilometers away from Rishikesh.

3.     Dehradun

Best Season: March-June

If you don’t want to travel a lot, then Dehradun is one of the best places for destination weddings. You can take a direct flight to the Dehradun airport – Jolly Grant airport. After that, you won’t have to travel more by road.

Moreover, Dehradun is the perfect mix of a city and hill station. It is because you get the beauty of the Himalayas around you and, at the same time, the quaint town is amazing for a wedding getaway.

As Dehradun is quite populated, there are many affordable hotels/resorts available for weddings. Also, there are many shops available if you or your guests require anything urgently.

Best Hotels:

  • Glenville Forest Resort & Spa
  • Shaheen Bagh – A Luxury Boutique Resort & Spa
  • The Shahanshahi Club & Resorts

How To Reach:

Dehradun is easily accessible via its Jolly Grant airport. Or, you can also opt for a train.

4.     Dalhousie

Best Season: March-May

Lush-green plains, hilly and snow-capped mountains, and the lovely oak trees – describe Dalhousie. This cozy hill station is one of the lesser-known ones which is why it’s perfect if you want an intimate and quiet wedding ceremony.

The best part is that Dalhousie has some excellent wedding venues, owing to the expansive area present. For instance, you can find excellent luxury hotels here as well as banquet halls, with amazing lawns.

Best Hotels:

  • Fortune Park Dalhousie
  • JK Clarks Exotica
  • Aaroham Resort

How To Reach:

Dalhousie is a bit remotely located. But, you can take a train to Pathankot railway station, which is 80 km away from Dalhousie.

5.     Shimla

Best Season: March-June

Shimla isn’t just an excellent location for a honeymoon but for a destination wedding too! This little fairytale town offers just the right things that you would want for your wedding.

Right from a picturesque location consisting of grand mountains and conifers to a lovely climate, Shimla has it all. In addition to that, it has some royal hotels for the perfect Himalayan royal wedding. It’s also accessible easily.

Moreover, Shimla serves as the best hill station for couples wanting to do a pre-wedding shoot. After all, the scenery is simply splendid!

Best Hotels:

  • The Oberoi Cecil
  • Taj Theog Resort & Spa
  • Radisson Jass

How To Reach:

You can reach Shimla by air, road, or train. The nearest airport is Shimla airport, located in Jubbarhatti.

6.     Gulmarg

Best Season: January-February

Kashmir isn’t just known as the heaven on Earth for no reason. It certainly lives up to its name with gigantic snow-capped Himalayan mountains, sparkling rivers, and excellent hospitality.

In Kashmir, Gulmarg is one of the best locations for a destination wedding in the Himalayan Mountains. In fact, during the January and February months, you can even have a snowy wedding if you’re in the mood for one!

Also, Gulmarg has some admirable resorts that serve as beautiful wedding venues. It’s also easy to reach.

Best Hotels:

  • The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa
  • Shaw Inn, Gulmarg
  • The Vintage Gulmarg

How To Reach:

You can take a flight to Srinagar and from there, book a bus or taxi to drive to Gulmarg. It’s around 56 kilometers away.

7.     Bhimtal

Best Season: March-June or September-December

If you’re looking for a quiet, beautiful, and affordable place for a destination wedding in the Himalayas, then go for Bhimtal.

Located 1370 meters above sea level, Bhimtal offers gorgeous views of not just the mountain ranges but Bhimtal lake too. Additionally, this place is gaining popularity for destination weddings, due to its cost-effectiveness.

Even though Bhimtal is not as famous as other Himalayan locations, it’s well-connected with roads. So, you won’t have trouble traveling here with your guests either.

Best Hotels:

  • Sojourn By The Lake
  • The Rosefinch Sarovar Portico
  • Leela Palace Bhimtal

How To Reach: You can take a train to the nearest station, Kathgodam, located just 30 km from Bhimtal. Then, consider taking a bus or taxi for a road journey.

8.     Nainital

Best Season: March-June

Nainital, also known as the ‘city of lakes’, is a splendid getaway for those wanting an awe-inspiring destination wedding.

Located amidst a lake and the grand backdrop of the Himalayas, Nainital is just the place for taking some memorable wedding pictures. In addition to that, it’s also a busy city, so you can find everything quite conveniently.

You will also find some majestic wedding venues here, including luxury hotels, as it’s a top tourist destination. Also, let’s not forget that there are many places, such as Nainital Lake, that you and your guests can visit.

Best Hotels:

  • Shervani Hilltop Nainital
  • The Naini Retreat
  • Suman Paradise

How To Reach: You can reach Nainital by visiting the Kathgodam Railway Station as it’s just 34 km away from the city.

9.     Manali

Best Season: April-June or October-February

Manali is one of the hill stations where a lot of Bollywood hits are shot. So, if you consider yourself a Bollywood lover and want to experience the heavenly feels, at your wedding, then go for Manali.

The city of Manali doesn’t disappoint with its towering mountains with snow peaks and ever-flowing Beas river. In addition to this, the forests with lush and tall oak and cedar trees are the perfect location for your pre-wedding shoots too!

Your guests can enjoy the various sightseeing adventures here, such as the Solang Valley and Jogini Waterfall. Or, they can relax at the luxury hotels available here.

Keep in mind that reaching Manali is a bit tricky and involves hours of driving. So, factor this in, before you plan your destination wedding there.

Best Hotels:

  • Snow Valley Resorts Manali
  • ManuAllaya Resort Spa
  • Citrus Manali Resorts

How To Reach: The best way to reach Manali is by road as it’s well-connected to big cities like Chandigarh (305 km), Dehradun (227 km), and Ambala (370 km).

10.      Pahalgam

Best Season: March-November

In Kashmir, Gulmarg isn’t the only blissful place, having breathtaking views. If you want another option for your destination wedding, then we highly suggest Pahalgam. In fact, Pahalgam is the better option if you want a bit warmer and pleasant climate.

This ‘Valley of Shepherds’ is surrounded by gigantic ice-capped mountains with lovely rivers flowing through the whole hill station. Moreover, you will find several cottage hotels here that just add to the appeal of the place.

Pahalgam is ideal for your destination wedding as you’ll find excellent hotels, amazing food, and a lovely climate too. It’s also easy to reach!

Best Hotels:

  • Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Pine N Peak, Pahalgam
  • Royal Hilton Pahalgam
  • Hotel Heaven

How To Reach:

You can take a direct flight to Srinagar and drive from there to Pahalgam. The total distance between them is just about 88 km.

11.      Kasol

Best Season: October-June

Kasol is one of those places in the Himalayas that offer extravagant views with a pleasant climate all over the year. Moreover, it’s less crowded than other hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, like Manali and Shimla. Hence, it’s also a great option to consider for your destination wedding.

Perched on top of the hills, the Himalayan mountains surround Kasol and offer breathtaking scenery. Additionally, the gushing Parvati river just adds to the beauty and would look splendid in your wedding photographs.

You can plan your stay at one of the best hotels here to ensure the utmost hospitality and services for your guests.

Best Hotels:

  • Royal Castle Kasol
  • The Royal Orchard
  • The Alpine Guest House

How To Reach: Kasol isn’t easily reachable but you can book a flight to the Bhuntar Airport, located 30 km away from it.

12.      Srinagar

Best Season: April-October

It’s hard to exclude Srinagar from the list, owing to how much of an excellent place it is for destination weddings.

Srinagar offers everything, from gorgeous Himalayan views to scrumptious cuisine to lovely city life. You can count on this place to give your guests a beautiful wedding experience. And, you can also count on it to adorn your wedding moments with the splendor of the mountains and the scenic Dal Lake.

Additionally, Srinagar also has some exciting spots for your pre-wedding shoot. For instance, the Shikaras in Dal Lake or even the Mughal Gardens – Shalimar and Nishat gardens.

Best Hotels:

  • The Lalit Grand Palace
  • The Orchard Retreat and Spa
  • Radisson Srinagar

How To Reach: Srinagar is one of the most accessible options on the list. You can take a direct flight to the Srinagar airport. Or, even go by train if it’s more convenient and budget-friendly.

13.      Gangtok

Best Season: April-June

Many people often forget the beauty of the Himalayas in the North-East. So, the last on our list of the best destination wedding places in the Himalayan Mountains is the city Gangtok.

Gangtok offers a whole other experience to the Himalayas. It has a unique Sikkim culture and architecture that will add a fresh perspective to your wedding day.

Moreover, the romantic view of the mountains with the crystal clear river will leave you speechless.

The best way to experience a wedding in Gangtok is by booking a hotel, with a banquet or lawn.

Best Hotels:

  • Mayfair Spa and Resort
  • Lemon Tree Hotel
  • The Royal Plaza

How To Reach:

Gangtok is a little hard to reach. Still, you can fly to Bagdogra which is 124 km away from Gangtok. Or, you can book a train to Siliguri railway station, located 148 km away from Gangtok.

Final Thoughts

A destination wedding in the Himalayas is undoubtedly a dreamy affair. The presence of the striking mountains with the clear blue sky and rivers can add serene beauty to your wedding day.

Also, the above-mentioned Himalayan places offer some of the most breathtaking locations for the pre-wedding shoot too! So, we hope this guide helps you figure out where to plan your wedding in the Himalayas.

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