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What is the Best Food to Carry While Trekking?

Trekking is one of the most adventurous activities among nature lovers. In India, the mountains of the Himalayas are considered the best with a never-ending list of spectacular hill stations. And the weather in the Himalayas is always favorable for all kinds of raw and cooked food.

It is important to plan and prepare a lot of things before leaving for a great trekking experience. Along with other important things like destination, trekking clothes, boots, and other essential gadgets – the food that you should carry on your trekking day out is equally important in your preparations list.

Although, it is suggested to eat fresh and properly cooked food whether you are at home or outside but sometimes you might not have the option to cook fresh food. In such cases, it is very important to look for food options that will not harm your health when you eat packed food. Mapping out your nutrition is very important to stay healthy.

In this article, we will give you suggestions about what is the best food to carry while trekking. Depending upon the destination and weather, you will have different options for food to carry while trekking.

Taking the right food in trekking is very important to stay energized and refreshed and enjoy the adventure in your life. If you do not eat proper food then you might feel cramps, weakness, and dizziness because walking for several hours will burn calories depending upon your health, weight, and weather.

Generally, the one-day treks are easy to decide on everything to prepare for trekking because you can leave after having breakfast at home and return at the time of dinner. On the other hand, multi-day trekking will need extensive planning for everything. If you are a first-time trekker then you can check our below-mentioned list of foods to carry while trekking.

  1. Water: – Never forget water – no matter how far you are going. You must carry sufficient water with you. It is very important to keep your body hydrated especially when you are away from home. Furthermore, it is also vital to maintain your electrolyte level because you will be eating sufficient food during your trek.

    You must carry at least 3 liters of water for your trekking journey and it is also suggested to take carry some water purifying tablets with you. Water is one of the important foods to carry while trekking.

  2. Energy Drinks: – For long-distance trekking, energy drinks are much more useful. These drinks contain glucose, salt, and sugar and help provide essential nutrients to the body. It is suggested to check the manufacturing and expiry dates and make sure that the cans are properly sealed. It is not advised to carry high sodium or sweet canned drinks because they will not do any good to your body. You must also avoid high-fructose corn syrup drinks.

  3. Tea & Coffee Bags: – To enjoy a much-needed break after breakfast or in the evening, you must carry some instant tea, coffee, and powdered milk bags. Sipping your favorite tea or coffee will certainly fill you with new energy and lighten up your mind to undertake the levels of trekking. Overdrinking tea and caffeine can harm your system if not taken to limits.

  4. Nuts and Chocolates: – Nuts and chocolates are rich sources of essential nutrients, so it is suggested to pack as many nuts snacks as you can. Apart from taking over your hunger, these snacks will give you the energy to carry out your physical activities on the trek. You can munch the chocolates anytime and these are very light on our stomachs.

    Nuts are chocolates are also considered the best food to carry while trekking. It is strictly not suggested to take high sugar products like candies, cookies, and starchy products because they do not have any nutrition and are not good for the digestive system. Instead, you can take fresh apples to maintain your natural blood sugar level.

  5. Dry Fruits: – Dry fruits are the best option to pack for trekking days out because they are highly nutritional and contain enough fats. Carrying your favorite dry fruits is a brilliant way to save space and weight in your bag and not compromise on nutritional values. Dry fruits are rich in protein, good fat, and power packed with energy.

    Moreover, they stay fresh for quite a few days if packed properly. Dry fruits are particularly beneficial when you are trekking for more than one day. You can easily carry them in a zip-locked bag and keep them handy to eat on the trek.

  6. Fresh Fruits: – Fresh fruits are always the right food to carry while trekking because they contain a lot of water content and vitamins that refill your body from the exertion and dehydration of trekking. Seasonal fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, pomegranates, and melons can stay fresh for a few days if packed properly.

    You can pack them separately or all together in a bag but it is suggested to keep Bananas and Oranges in a place where they can be in minimum contact with other things otherwise they will get squashed.

  7. Bread and Buns: – It is also good to carry a few loaves of flavored or non-flavored bread and buns with some jam or flavored butter to go with it. However, they are good for one day trek only. If you are going for a multi-day trek then it is not advised to carry bread and buns with you because they stay fresh only for a day or two. Hot weather can also ruin their taste and quality as they are considered non-perishable food items because of their making process.

  8. Whole Wheat Biscuits: – We will suggest you pack some whole wheat biscuits and crackers from the bakery. These biscuits are high in fiber and will calm your hunger soon. The best part is that they will not make you feel stuffy and digest easily if eaten within the limit.

    Overeating anything is always harmful. You can carry these biscuits in zip-locked packs or boxes and keep them handy. Biscuit munching is easy, you can eat and walk at the same time.

    Do not take the biscuits that contain lots of fats and carbohydrates because they will make digestion difficult and may lead to an upset stomach. However, fats give you long-burning energy and carbohydrates are important for fast energy so make sure you eat the right kind of fat and carbohydrate in balance.

  9. Dates for Energy: – Dates are highly nutritious food items that are lightweight and fill you up easily. It is a wonder food that is rich in vitamins, high in protein, and low in cholesterol.  Dates give instant energy so it is suggested to pack several packs of dates. You must add dates to your list of food to carry while trekking. The only thing is that eating dates will make you feel thirsty, so drink plenty of water and keep yourself energized and hydrated.

  10. Nuts and Seeds: – Nuts and seeds are an excellent healthy snack option to carry on the trek. They are rich in protein and provide healthy fats that make them one of the best foods to carry while trekking. You can munch them plain or can eat them in granola bars and dried cakes.

    You can purchase granola bars and dried cakes that are rich in nuts and seeds from any bakery or general store near you. They are available in different flavors and give you high energy. They are lightweight and occupy less space in your bag.

  11. Boiled Eggs: – Eggs are a rich source of protein. If you are a non-vegetarian but can eat eggs then they can become a great source of protein for your body and work as a brilliant food item to replenish your tired body. You can carry boiled eggs in a small Tiffin box. It is easy to eat boiled eggs while trekking, you can simply peel them season them with black salt and pepper, or anything you prefer, and bite. They are a great source of healthy energy.

  12. Vegetables: – Like the fruits, we mentioned above, many vegetables also contain healthy carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are carbohydrate and fiber-rich vegetables and contain 50 percent of your daily recommended manganese serving. It helps in metabolism that will further help in proper digestion. You can also carry carrots and beets along with sweet potatoes. These vegetables are a perfect choice for a backpacking trip and can last longer at normal temperatures.

  13. Instant Rice or Noodles: – Now, this is one of the tastiest choices of food to carry while trekking especially when you have the option to cook your meal during your trek. These are fast and easy to prepare and the noodles will give you a great taste. You can spice up them with your favorite vegetables and seasonings. Both are high in carbohydrates. Also, it is easy to clean up after eating. You can also choose oatmeal and pasta; however, the pasta will become a little heavy to digest.

  14. Trail Mix: – Trail mix is considered the best food to carry while trekking no matter what is the weather and if it is a multi-day trek. They are nutritious, lightweight, and easy-to-store snacks, and are available in most of the general stores near you. The carbohydrates in this mix are a quick energy booster and provide good fats for sustained energy.

    You will find almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews, pecans, macadamia, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds in a packet of trail mix. They are developed especially for trekkers and hikers to take along the source of instant energy that is lightweight and easy to carry. They are also known as 20th-century food.

  15. Dehydrated and pre-cooked Food: – These days, many trekkers take dehydrated and pre-cooked food on trekking to save weight and time. In India, you can easily buy MTR and Haldiram’s packed food from any mart near you. The dehydrated food can last up to a year without preservatives.

    The secret of dehydrated foods is to dry them at a high temperature to get rid of their natural water, not to the level of cooking. The options for dehydrated and pre-cooked foods are endless but we will suggest you go only for simple and easy-to-digest. Pack them properly otherwise they will get punctured and deflate in your bags if you put weight on them.

    It is not advisable to take chips, burgers, and other types of junk food because they will take a longer time to digest.

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To Sum Up

Certainly, trekking is a beyond comparison experience and it is always amazing to head out for a trekking trip to beautiful destinations. The list of food that we have shared above will make your trekking experience even more incredible. Having knowledge about various foods that you can pack for your trek will certainly make a huge difference to your trip.

You must try to have a good distribution of food based on the nutrition and added supplements you need and calories you consume. It is quite a challenge to eat sufficiently and the right kind of food on the trek. It is necessary to strike the right balance because insufficient and overeating is a big no-no while trekking.

So, if you are planning for a single-day trek then our list on what is the best food to carry while trekking. We hope that these suggestions for food in different weather will help you in your trekking trip.   And, if you need any help in planning a trek, visit us anytime; we will be there to help you.