Popular Short Treks in Uttarakhand

Every once in a while people like to take a break from the boring routine of life. And when you prefer nature over a movie theater or crowded shopping mall on weekend then hills are the best place to enjoy the break. If you are looking for one day trek in Uttarakhand then you are on the right page. In this blog, we will help you explore the best trek destinations in the Himalayas.

Certainly, Uttarakhand offers the best natural gateways that are not only scenic and adventurous but helps rejuvenates one to no end. If you are planning for a one-day trek in Uttarakhand then you need to keep the environment in mind. Uttarakhand is a beautiful place and keeping the Himalayas clean during the trek should be the priority.

A short one day trek in Uttarakhand, in every sense of the word, is an uplifting experience and the latest style of traveling to the beautiful mountains and you can make it even more memorable and great when you choose the best place.

We are here to help you with popular short treks in Uttarakhand. Let’s explore.

1. Auli Hill Station: –

Situated in the Chamoli village, Auli adds beauty and fascination to trekkers. Nestles by the snow-clad mountains, this hill station is famous worldwide as one of the best snow-skiing destinations in North India.

Route to Reach Auli Hill Station

The best route to reach Auli is from Joshimath which is only 6km and will take 20 minutes. The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant which is 286km from Auli and the nearest Railway station is Rishikesh which is 264km from Auli. Taxi services to Auli hill stations are available from Airport and Railway Station.


  • The trekking trail to Pilgrim Joshimath
  • Hemkund Sahib Lake – Sikh Shrine Lake
  • Badrinath Temple – Lord Vishnu Temple
  • Rudranath Temple – Shiva Temple
  • Tungnath Temple – Highest Temple of Lord Shiva
  • Gopeshwar

2. Kunjapuri Trek in Rishikesh

On this one day trek on weekend, you can enjoy mystic sunrise over the horizon above the snow-laden peaks along with Neer Waterfall, majestic Himalayan peaks above the clouds, and can visit the popular Kunjapuri temple. You will have a mix of all adventures including zigzag trekking on unnamed roads followed by the rain waters, rich bio-diversity of nature, a scenic waterfall, and beautiful Himalayan peaks.

Routs to Reach Kunjapuri

You can visit Kunjapuri from Rishikesh by road for about 30km in 1 hour and if you are taking the route of Haridwar then it will count to only 55km and will take 2 hours by road. You can also choose the route of Dehradun to Kunjapuri which will take 70km in 2 hours. You can choose an optional route from Kunjapuri to Tapovan via Rudra waterfall which is 9km away.


  • Monkey Punch Peak
  • Swarg Rohini Peak
  • Gangotri Peak
  • Chaukhambha Peak
  • Nanda Devi Peak
  • Doon Valley
  • Neer Waterfall
  • 9km Uphill Trek
  • 12km Downhill Trek
  • 180-degree scenic view of snow-capped peaks

You can check more information about this one-day trek in Uttarakhand at kunjapuri-devi-temple-sunrise-trek

3. Corbett Falls Trek

This scenic fall is located 25km from Ramnagar, Nainital. Surrounded by dense teak woods, Corbett Falls is a perfect picnic spot for trekkers. The sound of the waterfall makes a perfect melody with birds chirping which extends its natural beauty.

Routs to Reach Corbett Falls

You can visit Corbett Falls from both Kaladhungi and Ramnagar city. It is a short trek of 2km.


  • Garjiya Temple
  • Corbett Museum
  • Corbett National Park
  • Dhikala Safari Zone

4. Shri Jaintapuri Village Trek

This village trek to Shri Jaintapuri temple will give you a peaceful trek experience in the woods along with the Ganga River. This temple is located on the mountaintop in Kota Village of Rishikesh. This place is absolutely blissful and offers a package of excitement to visit Phool Chatti Ashram along with a wooden bridge that gives a bird’s eye view of the Ganga River.

Rout to Reach Jaintapuri Temple

Shri Jaintapuri Temple is just 22km away from Rishikesh city and will take only 46 minutes.


  • 7km Uphill trek via Phool Chatti Ashram
  • Sunrise View
  • Himalayan Cooking Demo
  • Rajaji National Park
  • 5km Downhill trek via Vashishta Cave and Ashram
  • Camping at Mountaintop of Kota Village

5. Jhilmil Cave Tour

This one-day trek in Uttarakhand will take 7-8 hours to and fro. This cave is dedicated to Guru Goraksnath and the best attraction here is the Neelkanth Mahadev Temple. You will experience the beautiful Patna Waterfall en route to Jhilmil Cave and a chance to interact with Naga Sadhu who lives in these caves since childhood.

Rout to Reach Jhilmil Cave

The distance between Rishikesh and Jhilmil Cave is 30km. You can also choose to go via Badrinath Highway which will take only 20km. There is no stay option at Jhilmil Cave, you have to come back to Neelkanth Temple to stay in a guest house or you can book your place nearby.


  • Neelkanth Mahadev Temple
  • Patna Waterfall
  • Mauni Baba Cave
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Naga Sadhu

Get more information on Neelkanth Mahadev Temple at

6. NagTibba Trek

This place is known as the serpent’s mountaintop that constitutes the famous chain of the Himalayas such as Pir Panjal and Dhualadar. Here you can enjoy the weather and Nag Tibba range view with family and friends. The famous Himalayan Peaks such as Bandarpoonch, Chanabang, and Kedarnath are also visible from the NagTibba mountaintop.

Route to Reach NagTibba

It is at an altitude of 3022 meters above sea level and is approximate 88km from Dehradun which will take 3 hours by road.


  • Scenic Trails of Pantwari Village
  • Sunrise and Night Star Gazing
  • Pir Panjal and Dhualadar Ranges
  • Bandarpoonch and Kedarnath Peaks
  • Kempty Waterfall

7. Meru Peak

Meru is the Sanskrit word for Spine that attributes to the shape of a mountain. It is one of the popular one day treks in Uttarakhand that stands upright between Shivling and Thalay Sagar. Meru peak is the tallest southern elevation that has two more peaks that altogether give it the shape of a shark’s fin.

Route to Reach Meru Peak

You can visit Dehradun by road, rail, or airways from all over India and can take buses or taxis to Uttarkashi. Then you have to reach Tapovan base camp via Gangotri to start your trek. Uttarkashi to Gangotri is approx 100km that will take 4 hours to reach.


  • Scenic views of Gangotri Glacier
  • Vasuki Glacial Lake
  • Gangotri National Park
  • Kalindi Pass
  • Kedarnath Temple

8. George Everest Trek

This short and easy one day trek in Uttarakhand will give you a chance to get closer to the plush green forests, and views of mountains, and visit the house built in the colonial era and explore beautiful treks and trails. You can also spend time exploring Benog Hill and feel relaxed by site-seeing of upper Himalayas Peaks. A minimum of 4 persons are required to book this trek and it will take only 3 hours to cover the 6kn long trek.

Route to Reach George Everest Trek

You can drive from Dehradun to Mussoorie which will take 2 hours in normal traffic flow. Then you can continue on foot to Benog Hill. It will take 90 minutes hike on trails to reach the top.


  • House of Sir George Everest
  • Mussoorie Lake
  • Bhatta and Mossy Falls
  • Christ Church
  • Jawahar Museum
  • Landour Clock Tower

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9. Gaumukh Trek

This moderately difficult trek is one of the popular treks in Uttarakhand because it is the second-highest glacier in India. The popular Himalayan peaks visible from Gaumukh such as Shivling, Meru, and Bhagirathi sisters. This place is open for trekkers and pilgrims from May to October and is closed during the winter because of heavy snowfall. Gaumukh is popular among trekkers as the source of River Ganga, Camping, Adventures Trekking, and Religious Pilgrims and Ashrams.

Route to Reach Gaumukh Trek

You can reach Gangotri via different routes by road and then Tapovan. Now, you need to reach Nandanvan from Tapovan to cross the massive Gaumukh Glacier which will take 7km. It will take only a day to cover the trek from Tapovan to Gaumukh but to reach back to the main city; you will need 1-2 days more.


  • Gaumukh Glacier
  • Gangotri Temple
  • Bhagirathi Peaks
  • Gangotri National Park
  • Tapovan

10.Neelkanth Temple Trek

In Rishikesh, the Neelkanth Temple Trek is a total National Park route and this oldest temple is 25km by road from Lakshman Jhula and Tapovan. The Neelkanth Temple Trek route is not more than 12km. En route to this holiest and most popular Shiv Mandir, you can enjoy the scenic Patna Waterfall. You will witness the bio-diversity of the Himalayas, Wildlife, Ashrams, and Caves that will give a true sense of peace and happiness.

Route to reach Neelkanth Temple

You can reach Rajaji National Park by road from different parts of Uttarakhand and then choose a trek route run down through Rajaji National Park or by the Ganga River.


  • Mauni Baba Cave – 12km Downhill Trek
  • Holy Neelkanth Temple
  • Kali Kund
  • Patna Waterfall
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Bird Watching

To Sum Up

Trekking holidays are great for everyone. The popular one day treks in Uttarakhand that we have explored above are all in Uttarakhand and the nearby cities are mainly Rishikesh and Dehradun. Certainly, this is the best that we have shared with you.

Also, it is very easy to reach here from any part of the globe via road, rail, and airways. Bus and taxi services are also available for the next stations that you plan.

These are the most scenic and adventure destinations that call for scores of mountain enthusiasts from all over India and other countries as well. Trekking guides, transportation, hotel booking, and package planning are also available with one click.

These one day treks in Uttarakhand are supposed to be the best adventures and religious treks for nature and trekking lovers in the world.

India is a country that offers so much more and it is an abundance of ancient cultures and places in their finest forms. Uttarakhand is an ideal destination for your next weekend treks in north India and it is the base camp for many options that are available nearby.

You can visit here with your friends and family and plan treks and picnic on the mountaintops following the scenic waterfalls, nature trails, and great Himalayan Peaks. We can help you with the best trekking locations and packages in Uttarakhand and all over the Himalayas.

We hope that the huge mountains, mesmerizing waterfalls, clear blue sky, and flowing rivers of the Himalayas enthrall you on your trekking breaks in Uttarakhand. Enjoy your weekend in the Himalayas and recharge your soul!!